Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Next Thing Education Tech Camps - A Holiday Club With A Difference

Now I have a confession to make. I have only actually sent my children to a holiday club once, for one day only and, well, they didn't really enjoy it. I had thought that when I went to pick the up I'd find them having fun with new friends, unwilling to leave but instead they looked rather miserable and actually ran over to me to go home! I admit that this had put me off holiday clubs for a while but I was intregued to find out about some 'Tech Camps' which were being run in Hertfordshire by Next Thing Education. 

Both of my children LOVE technology. Whether it's coding, building Lego structures or creating complex worlds (that I don't understand) in Minecraft they are totally in their element. So when I asked them if they would like to try out this 2 day camp they jumped at the chance.

We were all quite nervous when we arrive but we were greeted warmly by the teacher and we were given a direct number to call if there were any problems which was reassuring. As I drove home I kept my fingers crossed that they would have a great day but I really needn't have worried. I picked up two very happy and exuberant children who spent the car journey home falling over themselves to tell me what they had done that day!

They had enjoyed coding emojis, creating Lego machines and I think their best part was the game of laser tag that they got to play in the school playground. They were also extremely enthusiastic about going back again the next day so I was able to breath a sigh of relief!

The next morning they were up bright and early and looking forward to becoming a DJ and doing some 3D art! It was great to see them so excited and certainly made it easier for me to leave them knowing that they were happy and would be well looked after.  Again at the end of the day they had an amazing time making music (they both thought their tune was the best naturally!) and they had come home with some really interesting 3D creations!

I would definitely recommend the Next Thing Education Tech Camps to Hertfordshire Parents. I really felt that not only had the children enjoyed themselves but they had learnt a lot too. These are also a great alternative for children who don't enjoy the sports camps which are available in the summer holidays.

Why not find out more about these camps by visiting the website or follow them on their Facebook page to keep on top of the latest news!

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