Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Teatime Tribe Save The Day! - Review

Whether we are working mums, stay at home mums or work at home mums we all know the feeling.

It's that feeling of dread at 5pm when the children are getting hungry and you know that you really should be rustling up something healthy and filling (and possibly made with alfalfa sprouts) but you are just so tired that you once again find yourself heading to the freezer for chips and nuggets. As you picture Jamie Oliver's disapproving gaze upon your rather beige meal you think to yourself - there must be another way?

Well I'm delighted to say that now there is! Yes the rather fabulous Teatime Tribe who are based in St Albans, Hertfordshire have come up with the solution to your teatime troubles. On a weekly basis they will deliver a selection of healthy, balanced and most importantly tasty meals direct to your doorstep so that you can give your children a home-cooked meal without feeling too frazzled.

The way it works is that you choose how many children you need meals for and what size meals you need (there are larger portions provided for older children) and then select 5 meals to be delivered to you - direct to your doorstep. There are a different selection of meals available every week specially designed to tempt your little one's tastebuds. We chose:

Vegetable Curry
Chicken Casserole
Lebanese Meatballs

You can choose a convenient delivery slot and from there on it's as easy as waiting for the lovely delivery lady to knock on your door with your selection.

I loved the way that Teatime Tribe had really anticipated every issue that a busy parent could have. The meals are kept in the fridge but the packaging is also freezer friendly so if plans change or you decide to cook one night then you can just pop them in the freezer. They are also cooked in their packaging so there's no mess (and even better hardly any washing up!).

Cooking instructions are printed on the side of each dish so even if you are fairly disorganised like me you can't loose them and they can be either oven cooked or microwaved for added convenience.

Trying out Teatime Tribe really did save the day for me this week as we are having some renovations done and accessing and cooking properly is really difficult with the builders around all the time. This meant it was fantastic to have one less worry when I knew there was a delicious and wholesome meal available for my children each night.

But of course the proof is in the tasting and I was pleased that my generally quite fussy children loved their meals. They were pronounced 'cool' and 'yummy' which is high praise indeed! Obviously I had a taste myself too and they were really delicious, in fact an adult would enjoy them too.

The hearty chicken casserole was just what was needed on a very cold winter's evening and the veggie curry was delicately flavoured and packed with goodness. The Lebanese meatballs were a firm favourite and have inspired the children to try some more Lebanese food so it's been a great way about teaching them about new and different flavours and helping them to become more adventurous.

We loved using Teatime Tribe and I think they are an amazing idea for busy parents who struggle to find the time to cook. They would also be the perfect solution if you are going through a stressful time such as building work or a busy work project and a subscription would be an ideal and original gift for parents who had just had a second (or third) baby.

I love the ethos that Teatime Tribe has of really making it about the food flavours, using wholemeal and organic food when possible and not adding salt and sugar. As we are trying to cut down on plastics in the HertfordshireMummy household I was also thrilled to see that the meals came in sustainable paperboard containers.

To find out more about Teatime Tribe why not visit their website can sign up or choose a one off trial box to sample their amazing menu. Why not give them a like on Facebook too to keep up to date with their latest news! 

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