Monday, 17 July 2017

Our Lucky Gecko Box Review

I always try to think of creative things to do with my children after school but I have to say that as they have got older so I have struggled more and more to find things they actually want to do and that are not deemed 'booooring' or even worse 'babyish'.

I'm afraid that playdough and stickers just won't cut it any more and they are looking for something a bit more challenging so I was really interested to find out about Lucky Gecko Boxes.

Lucky Gecko are a company who are dedicated to inspiring children to think differently about education and to help them enjoy learning and understand the world around them. They also want to get children connecting the dots between what they learn at school and the real world. And so Lucky Gecko boxes were born! These fabulous boxes come in 3 categories  which you can choose depending on your child's natural interests:

Wisdom - This box is designed to help build confidence, boost core skills and give helpful tips for revision and exam techniques

Imagination - This box encourages students to use novels as a starting point for exploring the wider world.

Curiosity - This box is designed to build confidence in students who find traditional classroom teaching frustrating. It encourages practical exploration, experimentation, invention and problem solving.

You can get a monthly subscription for £36 which is delivered via the post and the great thing is that you can swap between the different types of box so your child can get to experience all 3!

We were lucky enough to try out a box and as my children do find school slightly frustrating and are creative and curious we chose the curiosity box.

There was great excitement in the house when the box arrived. Although we live in a technological age there is really nothing to beat the thrill of the doorbell and receiving a parcel with your name on and the kids couldn't wait to open it when they got home that evening.

And it certainly was exciting. We had a great comic called The Phoenix which my son (who can often be a reluctant reader) spirited away immediately and read from cover to cover. My daughter was hot on his heels and they both told me how much they enjoyed reading this.

There was a fun novelty pencil and a brilliant comic strip book which really piqued my daughters creativity. She doesn't enjoy writing much but she does love drawing and so this was a great way to help her get creative. With a ready designed comic strip format it was up to her to fill it in and there was a handy template at the back for the speech and thought bubbles. It really was a pleasure to see how inspired she was.

We also got a brilliant game designed to challenge our brains which was really good fun and which has definitely become a firm family favourite.

There was also a very exciting create your own robot kit as well. Taking after their father who is an engineer both my children love robotics and making things. There were 2 solar powered motors and a little robot to make that the motor could go in - and there were other ideas in the instruction manual too such as making a robot out of a paper cup and even a cookie! I would love to say that I helped out by they managed to make them all on their own with no intervention from me (which probably would have been more of a hindrance).

So for our family the Lucky Gecko box was a real success. I love the way it encouraged the children to think outside of the box and it would be really inspiring for them to get one every month. They declared it 'awesome' which is pretty much the highest compliment that they ever give so I think that says it all!

To find out more about Lucky Gecko Boxes and to subscribe to your box visit

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