Friday, 10 March 2017

Jumping For Joy At Air Space!

If like me you have very 'bouncy' children who seem to have lots of excess energy to burn off them where better to take them than a trampoline park where they can jump around to their hearts content and hopefully get some healthy exercise too.

Last weekend we were lucky enough to get invited to the brand new Air Space trampoline park in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. The children were really excited and we were very much looking forward to trying it out. We took along some friends as well so it was a real treat for them.

We arrived in the reception and the pleasant lady at the desk welcomed us and gave us our special trampolining socks. These are extra grippy socks that you need to wear to bounce so that you don't slip up. Although you have to purchase them on your first visit you can then keep them and just bring them with you each time you come for a bounce.

As always safety is very important in these situations and there is a full safely briefing that you go to before you go and jump. I thought this was a really good idea and reinforces to the children that they do need to be careful. Once this was finished it was time to bounce - yipee!

The trampoline park is on a lower level with a very nice cafe at the upper level where you can sit and watch the children enjoying themselves. This is a great idea, particularly for mums and dads who might want a little bit of a rest. There's a nice range of food and drink on offer but I would definitely advise you to bring some water for your little ones as they do get thirsty!

The actual trampoline park is huge and there's plenty of space for bouncing, it never felt too crowded and the children were always able to jump where they wanted. One thing I really liked was that there were plenty of helpful staff around on the trampolines. Not only did they help to keep the children safe they also taught them how to jump correctly and my daughter was really impressed as one of the helpers had spent some time giving her advice on her jumps!

There's also plenty of variety as if you want a change from bouncing there's also a fab dodgeball court and we all had great fun playing there (the children won obviously!).

We had a great time at Air Space and would definitely recommend it. It's great exercise for children and adults and makes a nice day out. It's situated on a large entertainment and retail park so there are also lots of restaurants around for a post jump lunch!

If you have little ones you can also make the most of the great sessions that are available for children of five years or younger, giving them the opportunity to experience everything that older Jumpsters love about Air Space; as for the hour the park is made into a toddler's paradise.

These sessions are a great way for toddlers to interact with each other while learning about spatial awareness in a fun and safe environment. With trampolines to explore, as well as activities on the multi-sports courts, there is plenty for the Little One's to enjoy. It is also a great way for Mums and Dads to meet other parents in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

To find out more about Air Space you can visit their website on
You can also find them on Twitter at @Airspaceuk and Facebook 

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