Thursday, 26 January 2017

Jump In Enfield- Our Family Review

Imagine the scene. It's a grey morning in January with a constant drizzle coming from the skies, and you had have 2 small children with bucket loads of energy to burn off! It's always a struggle to get outdoors in the colder months but we still like to get out and about and get some exercise so the new trampoline park Jump In at Enfield seemed like the perfect place to go. None of us had ever been to a trampoline park before as they are still fairly new in the UK so we were super excited!

We arrived at a large, bright airy centre to be greeted by a very friendly lady who explained how it all worked. You get given a coloured wristband to wear and when your session starts your colour will be called to the safety briefing room. You also get some rather snazzy socks to wear that prevent you slipping, You can keep these socks and re-use the every time you go. We rushed to put them on and then went into the briefing room where you watch a short video which gives you safety advice and tells you what you can and can't do. When this is over it's time to bounce!

As soon as the children were on the trampolines their eyes lit up and they didn't know what to do first. We started off by jumping on the main trampolines. There was plenty of space and due to the way that Jump In manage the timed sessions you never feel that it is overcrowded. It was also well set out and spotlessly clean! After we'd had a bounce we headed over the rope ladder and soft pit where you had to try and climb a ladder to ring a bell which was a lot harder than it looked and kept the children occupied for a long time.

We then headed to the dodge ball courts where you could add to the fun of dodge ball by bouncing at the same time! We had a brilliant laugh and all the staff were really friendly and helpful and good at supporting the children if they needed some advice. I have to say that I hadn't expected to do that much jumping myself but I actually really enjoyed it. I probably looked like a slightly mad woman bouncing up and down but there was something quite addictive about it and of course it was a great way to burn up the calories!

The session time was an hour which was the just the right amount of time for us and when they call out your wristband colour it's time for you to come off. Luckily if you're feeling thirsty or hungry there's a nice cafe and there's also a viewing gallery where you can have a rest and recover afterwards!

We had a brilliant time at Jump In and were really impressed with it. The children were asking when they could go back as soon as we got in the car and we'll definitely be returning!

Find out more about Jump In by visiting their website for times and prices. You can also like their Facebook Page too!

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