Sunday, 6 November 2016

Conker Comets - Autumn Conker Craft

We're lucky enough to have some lovely conker trees nearby and we always enjoy collecting the gorgeous shiny new conkers as they fall down. However after amassing a rather impressive collection we didn't really know what to do with them (they didn't have the promised anti-spider properties!). 

So I headed to Pinterest and found this very easy but fun conker craft which we all really enjoyed. All you need is some coloured tissue paper cut into streamers, glue, conkers and a sharp pen knife or scissors.

Begin by gouging out a small hole in each conker - adults need to do this bit!!

Then fill the hole with glue and push in your comet tails (the tissue paper if you hadn't guessed).

Let them dry and then take them outside for comet racing. See how high you can throw them and how far!

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