Thursday, 8 October 2015

Staging Your Home To Make Selling Easier

Selling your home can be an exciting time. It often means that you are moving on to pastures new and bigger and better things! However some people can find that putting their house on the market can be a stressful business – especially if it doesn’t sell as quickly as you had hoped it would. It can be really discouraging to have lots of people coming for viewings but no one actually putting in an offer, or to have people putting in offers that are well below your asking price.

Although estate agents always advise buyers not to be swayed by superficial decorations it can be hard to sell a house that is cluttered or unwelcoming. Sometimes just a few simple changes can make a house much more saleable and it can be well worth taking the time to try and look at your house through the eyes of an outsider to discover what actions you could take to stage your home for a sale. It’s often a good idea to ask your agent for any feedback that viewers are giving on your house, or ask a friend to do an objective review for you.  There are also some easy things that you could do to help you get your house sold for the price that you want – here are our top tips…

1 Declutter your home

The biggest thing that puts people off when viewing a home is too much clutter. Piles of toys and books, unwieldy pieces of furniture or broken appliances can make a home look smaller, messier and uncared for. However people often don’t want to take much loved possessions to the tip so it can be a great idea to go through your house and pack up some of your items to be put into local storage. This means that you’ll have a cleaner and tidier home which will look much more spacious and welcoming. It will also give you far more room to focus on the next home selling steps.

2 Make your home a blank canvas

Once you have decluttered you need to make your home look as neutral as possible. You may love that orange flock wallpaper or lime green paint but others might not be so keen! The idea is to create a blank canvas that potential buyers can project their own ideas onto. A lick of cream or white paint will freshen up your house no end and you can use neutral coloured rugs and throws to create a clean slate. Using these colours will also help to make your home feel larger and lighter.

3 Add some homely touches

Finally add the finishing touches to your home staging to really clinch that sale. The smell of homemade bread or fresh coffee give an instantly cosy feel to any house and will make potential buyers really feel at home. Hang some pretty hanging baskets by your front door and put a jug of fresh flowers on the kitchen table. It’s also really important to tidy up before any viewings so make sure that the carpets are hoovered, worktops cleaned and cushions plumped up!

If you follow these simple home staging steps we are sure that you will sell your home in no time. Remember that a clean, neutral and uncluttered home will always attract more people, and it can be worth the investment of storing furniture and painting the house to get that elusive full asking price offer. 

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