Tuesday, 20 October 2015

A Family Meal At Brewers Fayre

One of the things we love doing as a family is eating out. It's a great way of getting together and it also means no one has the stress of cooking (or washing up!). However as our family has grown it's got a bit more pricey to eat out so we are always on the look out for restaurants which offer a tasty range of food that is good value for money too.

We had heard about the Autumn Daytime Value Menu at our local Brewers Fayre and we knew they offered a great range of deals so me and my husband along with the kids and my dad headed off to our local Brewers Fayre at the Airfield in Hatfield for a bit to eat.

I find that when you go out to eat with children it can often be stressful as some restaurants can be less than keen on young diners so it was lovely to get greeted so warmly on our arrival at the restaurant. I also liked the fact that lots of the tables were in their own private booth areas so the children could have a play without disturbing any other customers. I also liked the fact that you could order your meal at the bar so we didn't have to wait too long until we got served.

The kids had a special Denis the Menace themed meals range and a workbook which they really liked and the lovely staff gave them a balloon to play with too which they were thrilled with. They both chose the burgers (as did I) and my dad had a sausage in Yorkshire pudding and my husband had the carvery. When our meals came we were all very impressed and the sound of family chatter was replaced by that of happy munching! The food was delicious and the portion sizes were filling and I think they represented good value for money. 

Although the deserts looked lovely us adults were far to full to have deserts but the children were very happy with their dipping doughnuts. I managed to persuade my son to let me have a taste and can confirm they were indeed extremely yummy!

We finished our meal feeling full and happy and relaxed which is exactly how you should feel after a family meal out. We'll definitely visit the Airfield again and try out another of their great meals!

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