Monday, 21 September 2015

Planning Your Career Comeback

For many women who have taken time out of their career to spend with their children, going back into the workplace can seem rather daunting.  Whilst it’s lovely being at home with the kids there comes a point for most mums (or dads) who have stayed at home when they want to get back out there. It could be that your family needs the money, that you have ambitious career plans or just that you want to start talking to adults again! But the good news is that you can stage your own career comeback. By following the four easy steps below you’ll be able to make sure that you are prepared and ready for a successful return to work.

1.       Create a compelling CV

First impressions count and your CV will be your primary way in to any new job.  It’s usually recommended that a CV is only 1-2 sides of A4 so you really have to get it right. A patchy or badly written CV can mean that you fall at the first hurdle so get pro-active in planning how to make yours stand out. If you are returning to work and feel out of your depth or have lost touch with your industry then a professional CV writing service can be a wise investment. They can make sure that your CV includes everything that you need to get the interview for that perfect job.

2.       Volunteer in your chosen field

If you have been out of the workplace for a while it’s a good idea to brush up on your skills and volunteering is the ideal way to do this. It also looks great on your CV and enables you to get some current experience in your chosen field. All sorts of businesses and services are happy to welcome volunteers and it is often a brilliant way to get the inside track on what a job is really like. Volunteering can also lead to paid employment opportunities, and can let you get a foot in the door of the industry you would like to work in.

3.       Network, network, network

Networking can be a great way to find out about potential new jobs and to get your face known again. You can use online forums such as LinkedIn to connect with people in your industry, and it can also be a good idea to go to a local networking group to meet businesses who may need your help or expertise. You can also get your friends and family to spread the word that you are looking for employment. Word of mouth referrals are very powerful and so make sure that you shout about the fact that you are looking to get back in to work and make the most of all of your contacts.  

4.       Give your confidence a boost

Mums tell us that they can lose some of their work mojo after being at home with children so before you start searching for a new job why not take a bit of time to give your self-esteem an overhaul. You could visit a careers councillor to chat through your long term career strategy and to help you understand your work strengths and weaknesses so that you are more confident in your choices. You might also fancy an image re-vamp and it can be a great idea to review your wardrobe. Many large department stores offer free personal shopping consultations so that you can get a stylish work wardrobe that will give you that extra confidence when you go for an interview!

We are sure that these simple steps will set you on the right path for your career comeback. There are lots of fabulous opportunities out there for mums returning to work and they make up a really valuable part of the workforce. Good luck with your job hunt!

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