Monday, 1 December 2014

Home Made Play Snow

Do you wanna build a snowman? Ah that song must have been played about 5 million times in our house but sadly unlike in Frozen there has been no snow this year (yet) and my children are FED UP. They want to go sledging, pelt their father with snowballs and build a snowman but as last year wasn't snowy either they haven't had a chance to do so and my youngest can't really remember the snow we had a couple of years ago.

So today I thought we would have some after school fun with creating our own snow. I had seen it on Pinterest and it like looked fun. You only need 2 ingredients:

Shaving foam 
Bicarbonate of soda. 

All you do is tip the bicarbonate of soda into a tray or dish and then gradually add the shaving foam. You don't want your snow to be too gloopy so add a bit of foam at a time and as the bicarbonate soaks it up you will get a crumbly snow texture it even has a cold feel to it.

This is great fun for the children to play with. We made our own mini snowmen and snowcastles. It's also great for adding a touch of frost to your Christmas decorations and it would look great at the base of a Christmas tree (although you would need plastic sheeting underneath!). It would also look good at a Frozen themed party!

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