Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas Stained Glass Window Decorations

There's something about stained glass windows that always seems a bit magical - and they are of course very Christmasy.

This was a simple Christmas craft I did with my children at the weekend. All you need is some black card, tissue paper and glue. We did it whilst listening to our Christmas Hits CD which the children seem to have become very fond of, although there was much angst over the lyrics to "Last Christmas" with the children quite concerned about the effect on poor George Michael of giving his heart away. My very literal daughter exclaimed "surely he will die mummy!".

Anyway back to the craft...

Using a template (or freehand if unlike me you are an amazing artist) cut out some Christmas themed shapes we did snowflakes and traditional church window shapes. Then within the shape in pencil draw some assorted shapes making sure you leave enough space between each one to form a boarder for the glass.

Then carefully cut out the shapes and you should be left with the border for your stained glass window base. 

Then using different coloured tissue paper and glue stick the paper over the cut out shapes in the middle of your main shape. You could choose the correct colour for your shape or just enjoy choosing lots of different colours.

Leave the glue to dry and then stick them (glue side down) to your windows. 

A very easy, pretty and festive craft.

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