Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Billy Smart's Circus Is Coming To Town

There's always something magical about the circus. The smell of the sawdust, the noise and excitement conjures up images of daring acts, madcap clowns and dazzling performances. I love live shows and you can't get better than seeing circus acts up close. It's a really fun family experience - that's why me and the children are really looking forward to going to Billy Smart's Circus when it comes to Harpenden Common in Hertfordshire this month.

The show is totally animal free which is great and there's a really exciting line up of acts to go and see. I also love the fact that this year's show is hosted by the granddaughter of the founder - Yasmine Smart!

So what can you see when you go to the circus? Here are some of the great performers on show:

The FLYING ACES, five exciting youngsters on the flying trapeze swing and somersault their way through the air 

The X-TREME BROTHERS, a trio of handsome and talented acrobats from Romania utilise immense strength and power to achieve amazing feats of balance

ALINA ESKINA brings her beautifully choreographed unique ‘cube’ routine

GERMAINE DELBOSQ from France shows off her foot-juggling skills with a modern slant on the back of a motorbike!

The ASADULLIN TROUPE from Russia use a specially constructed seesaw to propel one another high into the air

CAROLINE, a high-flying solo trapeze star, swings, plunges and twists with elegance high above the circus ring

 Italian clown JONNY BOGINO brings his whimsical comedy style to UK audiences for the first time

 INDIAN SPIRIT, liven up the proceedings as a bolas is whirled to the rhythm and beat of the drums

 A LIVE BAND, the only one in a British touring Circus, complements the action

We really can't wait to go. The children are looking forward to the motorbike act as they love motorbikes (I hope they don't get any ideas!) and I love the trapeze act - it's really amazing to watch.

If you would like to join us then just go to Billy Smart's Website to find out more and book your tickets! We'll be back to blog about our circus experience!

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