Saturday, 10 May 2014

How I Became A Morrisons Mum!

With a family of four including two children who seem to shoot up magically overnight the weekly foodshop always presents me with a bit of a challenge. I want to make sure that I save money and get a bargain but I'm very keen on giving my children a healthy diet and I definitely don't want to feel that I have cut corners with the quality of our food or reduced the amount of fruit and veg that I buy each week. So what's a mum to do? Well the answer is go to Morrisons for my weekly shop!

I had heard from some of my mum friends about how great Morrisons food was and what good value for money it gave - especially now that they have their new "I'm Cheaper" stickers to let you know which foods have been and will stay at a lower price. It was great timing then when Morrisons asked me to try out their shopping experience and sent me £80 vouchers to spend at my local store in Welwyn Garden City.

Now I hope my husband isn't reading this as I'm about to confess that my usual weekly shop comes in at around £120 so I admit that I wasn't totally convinced that I would be able to replicate my shop for £80 but I was certainly going to give it a go!

We were all very excited about our trip to Morrisons and when my big girl went off to school me, hubby and little boy went off the shops. I have to say we were really impressed with our shopping experience. As we walked through the door it was amazing to see the range and array of fresh fruit and veg before us and we all loved the spray mist keeping them nice and fresh. Even better was that the prices were so reasonable and I could see instantly that Morrisons was going to give us a lot more for our money.

As we continued round the store we kept being impressed with the bargains around us and my husband particularly liked market street and all the fabulously fresh produce. We piled the trolley high and headed for the checkout. I can honestly say I was amazing to find out that our generous weeks worth of shopping came to £75.20 - enough left to treat ourselves to a coffee at the delicious cafe.

As my husband works away a lot and so Bank Holiday is a great time for us to eat together as a family and I wanted to make the most of it by cooking a traditional Sunday roast with apple pie for desert and I wanted to try and do this for as little money as possible. I brought:

Garlic Basted Chicken - £5
Potatos for roasting - 69p
Broccoli and Cauliflower - 1.25
Eggs (for yorkshire pudding) 35p per egg
Puff Pastry - £1.50
Cooking Apples - £2.06

From this we got a delicious roast dinner which we all really enjoyed and for only £2.71 per head. This was a total bargain and it really made our Bank Holiday Weekend being able to share a lovely meal as a family.

Why not take a look at the Morrisons Site to see how much you could save on your weekly shop!

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