Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Fabulous New Collections Feature On eBay

The Fabulous New Collections Feature On eBay.
I’ve always loved shopping. There’s nothing quite like browsing the latest fashions and exploring the newest on-trend items. However since I became a mum, getting out to the shops has been a bit harder and so I’ve embraced online shopping with a passion!
Of course one of my favourite ways to shop is eBay as not only is there an amazing array of goods on there but it’s also a fab way to grab a bargain. The one thing I have missed though, when shopping online, is the influence of others. When you go shopping with friends you have a wealth of suggestions and advice at your fingertips but shopping online can be a bit of a solitary experience….until now.
eBay are always at the forefront of innovation and they have created a brilliant new “collections” feature on their site which means that you can now create and share all your best shopping finds. It’s like having your own group of personal shoppers working with you to give you advice, suggest new trends and make sure you get the best bargains out there. There are some wonderful collections to browse through including some celebrity advice from fashionista Danni Minogue and design trendsetter Kelly Hoppen.
I have always been keen to share my own finds and best buys with others so it was really exciting to be asked to design some of my own collections with a parenting theme. I had so many ideas but one of my favourite ones is my Gruffalo themed collection A Gruffalo Hunt. We love literature in our house and often take our inspiration for things to do from our favourite books. Everyone enjoys the story of the Gruffalo and I wanted to bring this book to life by looking for things that you might need if you wanted to go on a Gruffalo hunt with your children. There’s loads of Gruffalo themed items on eBay from cut mugs to practical socks and wellies – everything you might need for a yomp through the woods in search of that elusive creature!

Another one of our favourite pastimes is arts and crafts and my collection The Creation Station explores the idea of creating your very own craft station for the kids. This has been a lifesaver for me many times on rainy days or if the children are off school feeling poorly. Simply by having a collection of paints, colour paper, glue and glitter you can keep your kids amused for hours on end and anything is possible. I really enjoyed finding some of the great craft supplies that are out there and I also wanted to show people that the best thing about shopping on eBay means that making your own creation station need not cost a fortune!
One of the most life changing moments imaginable is when you first become a parent. I know how it feels being excited and nervous at the same time and wanting to make sure you have everything you need ready for when your baby comes home. So with my collection Welcome To The World I wanted to encompass the sweet cosy world of the newborn. Featuring moses baskets, neutral colours and some adorable ways to celebrate the birth of your little one I hope that it is a reassuring and helpful guide to all mums to be.
As well as enjoying creating my own collections I’ve loved looking at others. Some are brilliantly aspirational and some really practical and helpful. As an avid reader this trending Library Collection has really inspired me to by some new books and with Mothers Day round the corner this lovely collection of Mothers Day Goodies has been very useful. Of course now you can create your own collections too. It’s a really simple process and it’s great to be able to share your own ideas and great finds with the eBay community. Who knows it might be your collection trending on the homepage tomorrow!

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