Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Keeping Your Child Safe

From the moment I first found out I was pregnant my biggest concern was keeping my baby safe. Of course when they are nice and cosy in the womb it's not too hard...I ate healthily, did some exercise and took my folic acid. But once they are born and especially when they start moving safety becomes a whole different ball game! Unfortunately, as we can see on the ROSPA site there are lots of accidents that can happen to children both in the home and without. As parents we can't foresee the future but we can do our utmost to protect our children as much as possible.

However it's often hard to know where to start. Sometimes you don't realise that you need to childproof the corners of that sharp coffee table until your little one has already had a bump, or that you need a lock on the kitchen cupboards until you find your 2 year old sitting in a pile of flour. So I was really impressed to find this online safety checker at www.safetots.co.uk. This a brilliant resource for new parents which takes you through each room in the house and looks at the safety equipment you need in each room and offers a handy checklist.

So if I had to pick my three top safety items that I would advise all new parents to get I would have to say the following:

1. Baby Monitor

Whilst it's great that your baby is napping you want to make sure they stay safe even when asleep. That's why a good baby monitor is vital as you can take it around the house with you to hear when your baby crys. This monitor from babymoov is super high tech and it not only monitors sound but also senses movement and tells you the temperature of your baby's room too!

2. Playpen

A playpen is a real lifesaver for that difficult period that starts when your baby starts to crawls but doesn't really understand the world "no" yet! Every parents knows how exciting it is when your child first starts to move but it also means that you can't leave them safely playing any more. You turn your back for a couple of seconds and they are off faster than Usain Bolt! A playpen is a brilliant solution for keeping baby safe when you need to do some housework, run to answer the door or just need a trip to the loo. Your baby can play safely and you don't have to worry that they will get into trouble.

3. Reins

Finally it's great to get out and about with your little one but you want to keep them safe in a busy town centre or around roads. These cute cheeky monkey backpacks will go down a treat with any young child and they have built in reins so you can keep good hold of them when out and about.

Some other safety campaigns that I would urge new parents to take a look at are the blind safety campaign which aims to make window blinds safe, and this campaign which warns about the danger of nappy sacks.

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