Wednesday, 12 March 2014

How To Be A Yummy Mummy!

Is Victoria Beckham the ultimate yummy mummy?
Before I had children I had always been very into fashion and looking nice and was often found perusing the beauty counter at Harvey Nichols. I was determined that when I had children that wouldn't change - oh how wrong I was! With one child I just about had enough time to try and look faintly groomed but by the time baby number two came along I had pretty much given up ever attempting to look nice, I had neither the time nor the energy. In fact only the other day I was bemoaning to one of my friends about how I feel I have let myself go.

However I'm not one to sit in the corner and weep. Instead I've decided to have a bit of a makeover, to update my wardrobe and my beauty regime. In short I'm going to become the yummy mummy I always planned to be. But how can I go about this? Well here are the beauty and fashion items that I think will make a real difference to how I look and how I feel about myself. I've also booked myself a hair cut and colour for this weekend so things are looking up already!

1. Get Help!
I have found that being out of the fashion and beauty loop for so long has left me feeling that I don't really know what's in and what's out or what suits me best. My requirements for style have also changed as I need clothes that are pretty yet practical and that can, with clever use of accessories, be smartened up for work meetings or parents evenings. You don't have to do it on your own though. For beauty advice most high end brands offer make up advice and even mini-makeovers at their counters. Many of these are free or you pay a small amount that you can redeem against a purchase. Large department stores like John Lewis or Debenhams also offer personal shopping appointments to help you build a great wardrobe that suits your needs.

2. Buy A Stylish Bag
Most mums know that popping out with the kids isn't as simple as grabbing a bag and going. You can end up weighed down with all sorts of bags and boxes. That's why a stylish mum chooses a practical bag that also looks great. I just love these Yummy Mummy bags from Pink Label. They look fabulous and have room for storing everything you need when you go out - from a change mat to snacks and toys. They even do cute smaller versions too for when you don't need to take quite so much out with you.

3. Make A Date With Your Hair
One of my biggest fashion crimes is never getting round to getting my hair cut and coloured. I actually can't remember the last time I had it done and it's really down to my bad planning. So I've now decided to set up regular 6 weekly appointments with the hairdresser and put them all in my diary so I never get bad hair again (hopefully!). Apparently the sign of good hair is when no one ever notices that you have had it cut so that's what I'm aiming for.

4. Get Some Quick Fixes
If you ask mums of young children what one thing they would like more of I'm guessing that most would answer "time". So, if you want to look good you need to have some products that save you time and mean that you don't take hours to get organised in the morning. Batiste dry hair shampoo is a must have product for when you just don't have the time for a wash and blow dry and leaves hair feeling clean and shiny. It's also a great idea to go for a tinted moisturiser instead of a foundation as it evens out skin tone and moisturises at the same time. If you get one with a SPF added too it even acts as a sunblock saving you even more time. I love this one from Clinique.

5. Buy A Signature Lipstick
If you don't have time for anything else in the morning then slicking on some lipstick or lipgloss can really make a difference to how you feel. Choosing a shade that suits your colouring is really important. Whether it's a natural gloss or a full on glamorous red it will make sure you look and feel fabulous!

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