Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Scent Your Home....

As most people with young children know it can sometimes be hard to keep your home smelling beautiful. Kids, pets and cooking can all make your house feel slightly less than fresh  - especially in the winter when you don't tend to have your doors open for too long. I know that some people use air fresheners but I think they have a really horrible chemical smell and are quite toxic so I refuse to use them.

I do however love scented candles. I think that they are a beautiful and gentle way to waft a delicate scent around the house and add a touch of luxury to life too. So I was very excited to be asked to test out one of the wide range of scented candles from scentedcandleshop.com - a great online store for all your home fragrance needs.

I chose a Voluspa candle scented with Tuberosa di Notte. I love a little bit of luxury and the Voluspa brand is well known for use in many Hollywood homes. It is loved by a range of A list celebrities including Eva Longoria, Gwenyth Paltrow and Rhianna. If you want to see the full list of stars who endorse the candles you can have a look here, and I can well understand why they choose Voluspa!

The candle comes in a very sophisticated box with a gold and black design and the glass candle holder itself is classy yet understated and really would look good anywhere in your home. I love the look and feel of the candle as it is really chunky and definitely says luxury to me!

The scent is described on the box as "Night blooming tuberose with a base note of agave nectar. A clean and creamy flower" and it really is a heavenly scent. The smell from the candle is very clean, fresh and most importantly natural. Although it is a subtle smell it is enough to scent the house and my children both noticed it when they came in from school. The wax base of the candle is made from coconut and apricot wax which holds a high volume of perfume.

I also love the fact that the candles are hand-crafted and that they fuse ancient candle making techniques with modern technology to create such a beautiful product. Voluspa is a Luxe brand but it's also affordable and the candle retails at a bargain £28.99 on scentedcandleshop.com which means that it is in reach of us mere mortals! And if that is too much they also sell a smaller version for £6.99 which is great if you are on a tighter budget.

I would really recommend the Voluspa candle whether as a present to someone else or as a luxurious treat for yourself!

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