Sunday, 19 January 2014

Beef Pie With Puff Pastry

If I have one fault when it comes to budgeting it is the amount of food that I waste. Yes I'm terrible I admit it and it's one of my husbands biggest complaints about me (not that he has that many!). The trouble is I'm bad at planning and I often end up heading out to the supermarket without actually bothering to check the fridge or the store cupboard first. This means that I often end up buying things I already have or worse not using up the things that I have spent money on!

So this year I am trying to be a little more frugal. I found this Beef and Carrot Pie recipe in Waitrose but have made a few tweeks to it myself. It was rather delicious and is now on the exclusive approved list of my children who can be very fussy eaters. Best of all it can be made with lots of the things such as stock, carrots etc that you can often find hanging around so it's a great way to use up leftovers and save a few pounds too.

I think this recipe could feed 6 people or 8 if you add yorkshire puddings and veg to the plate too.


2 packs diced beef (or by steaks and dice yourself)
4 diced carrots
1 diced onion
2 tablespoons of plain flour
400 ml beef stock
1 teaspoon mixed herbs
3 tablespoons Worcester Sauce
ready made puff pastry - 2 sheets or blocks
2 cloves garlic - crushed

Firstly roll out your pastry into two sheets. Use one to line your pie dish and put one to the side to top the pie once you have made your filling.

Then fry off the onion and the garlic. Add the carrotts and the beef and fry for around 5-6 minutes.

Add the flour to the mixture and stir in then pour in the stock. Add the mixed herbs and Worcester Sauce.
Simmer for around 10 minutes.

Then add your filling into your pie dish and top with the sheet of pastry you have put aside. Make 2/3 slits in the top of the pastry.

Cook in an oven at around 200c for 45 minutes


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