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Choosing The Right Tyres: Advice For The Modern Mum

Let's be honest here, while there are some women who love cars and all things mechanical, most of us ladies are not terribly interested in the inner workings of our vehicles, much preferring them to look nice and just work! However, there are some aspects of car care that every driver should know; from checking the oil to being able to change a tyre whenever necessary. Your tyres are more than a simple fashion accessory for the vehicle and everyone should know how to choose the best tyres for their vehicle.

What are Tyres?

Tyres are quite complex pieces of engineering, with wire reinforcing inside and being able to handle everything from dust roads to gravel to ice, depending on the type you choose. The tread pattern, while occasionally decorative and striking, is carefully designed to keep your
car on the straight and narrow, gripping the road surface well while still allowing smooth and speedy forward motion.

How Do I Know Which Tyre is Best?

The type of tyre you choose depends on the climate in which you live, and the terrain upon which you will be driving.  

Make sure you know the size and type of tyre you need by consulting your vehicles specifications page in the owner's manual. (If the manual is lost in the mists of history, have a look online as the information is sure to be out there somewhere, especially if your car is a fairly common make and model.)

Finding and Buying Tyres

Do not accept the first price you are offered, when buying a new set of tyres. Ask around, getting at least three different quotations, and do ask if fitting the tyres for you is included in that price. If you are offered too low a price, ask if any of the tyres are part-worn or previously used. Selling second-hand tyres is legal but they must be safe to use not unacceptably worn down. However, although you may have saved some money in the short term, you will be shopping for tyres again before too long… Which, the consumer watchdog, advises people to never buy part worn or old tyres because of possible internal damage that may not be picked up until it is too late?

Are Tyres All That Important, Really?

Having good tyres on your vehicle is vital as bad tyres can kill. Worn tyres do not grip the road well, nor will you be able to brake effectively in the event of an emergency stop. Apart from the physical dangers posed by poor tyres, you can be legally penalised for having tyres with insufficient depth on tread on theme. Paying a hefty fine or incurring up to 3 points on your licence per faulty tyre can see you losing your licence altogether for a short time.


In summary, your tyres are an important part of your vehicle and should be properly looked after. Make sure you choose tyres that are the right size and style for your car, and check them often, looking for nicks and cuts in the rubber that could lead to a puncture in the future. If in doubt ask your mechanic to give your tyres the once-over – it is infinitely better to display your ignorance than to be the cause of a potentially fatal accident. For more information and buying guides, head over to Point-S.co.uk for independent advice and great prices.

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