Thursday, 19 December 2013

Bringing Some Festive Magic Alive With Thorntons Chocolates!

I love chocolate and when you are struggling for present ideas it's always a winner - I don't know anyone whose face doesn't light up when receiving some tasty chocolate as a gift. 

It's particularly great for kids - either as a stocking filler or as a good way to bulk out their main presents. But of course you want to get the right type of chocolate - it has to be good quality and for children it is always fun to have a novelty design.

That's why I thought I would try out one of the Christmas gifts here at Thorntons and I love the look of their Snowman and Snowdog Christmas Bundle. My children had great fun watching this adorable film when it first came out last year and I knew that they would really enjoy getting some Snowman and Snowdog shaped chocolates. Thorntons are a classic chocolatier so you know you are always going to get great value for money and brilliant flavour with their ranges. Their bundle includes:

• The Snowman™ and The Snowdog Selection Pack (142g) 
• The Snowman™ and The Snowdog Model (154g) 
• The Snowdog™ White Chocolate Model (80g) 
• Mini The Snowman™ and The Snowdog (22g) x2 
• White Chocolate Snowman Lolly (28g) x2

Last year I decided to save money by buying a reusable advent calender. This meant that I could put different treats in it each day. They usually get a haribo but on each Sunday on the run up to advent they get a special treat and these snowman lollys were perfect! They looked great in the calender with colourful details and the children were certainly thrilled to get them and they were eaten very quickly. It would also be a great idea to have a stock of these in to give to any unexpected visitors you might have over the holidays.

I also thought this white chocolate Snowdog was adorable - too cute to eat really! This would be a fabulous stocking treat or a nice gift for nieces and nephews. I think there are probably a  lot of adults who would be pleased to get this too.

Of course the star of the show is always the Snowman and this large chocolate character is a wonderful gift. I like to put the children's gifts in unusual places around the house for them to find and this cheerful fellow looked very cheerful in our Christmas tree. I have to say though it's going to be hard to resist eating him before the day itself!

The bundle also has a lovely selection box and some mini chocolate shapes too - perfect as a gift for one person or shared out amongst the family!

Thorntons are also running a fabulous competition where you can win a Winter Wonderland Holiday in Magical Lapland with Thomas Cook - Take your family on a 3-night magical holiday to Lapland, inspired by the Snowman™ and the Snowdog, in December 2014

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