Friday, 8 November 2013

You Know It's Nearly Christmas When...

So Halloween is a distant memory and the bangs and blasts of Fireworks Night are over. There's a new chill in the air. When you leave the house in the mornings you can see your breath streaming out and your fingers are crying out for a new pair of gloves. To me these are just some of the signs that Christmas is approaching but of course there is also one very important signal that it's not long until the festive season...the John Lewis Christmas ad!

John Lewis has long been one of my favourite stores and their advertising is always classy and engaging. Even though I class myself as fairly hard hearted their Christmas ads always bring a tear to my eye - especially if I've indulged in a few glasses of festive Baileys!

I adore this year's advert - titled The Bear and The Hare. A Disney inspired cartoon extravaganza about a bear who had never seen Christmas and his friend the hare who decided that this year, with the help of John Lewis, things were going to be different. It's sweet and touching and there is even an interactive e-book to keep the children happy. Have a look below and let me know what you think!

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