Saturday, 12 October 2013

Is it Too Early To Consider What To Do For New Years Eve?

If you read my blog regularly you will know that spontaneity is really not my thing. Surprise parties, mystery mini breaks and last minute days out bring me out in a cold sweat - I am most definitely a planner and I like to know what I am doing weeks, if not months in advance.

It won't come as a shock then to find out that I am already well on the case for Christmas. In fact I usually start my Christmas shopping in the January sales. So far I have booked the local panto, organised what days the relatives are coming over and started pouring over the Waitrose catalogue to decide on our Christmas Day turkey.

I have also been wondering if it's not too early to start planning New Years Eve. I think it's a great idea to get your celebrations organised in advance especially if you have children, so here are some family New Years Eve ideas to help you get into the festive spirit:

Get Away From It All

After the stresses and strains of the Christmas holidays New Year can be a great time to get away from it all and take a mini break away with the family. If you look online you can find some fabulous New Years Eve breaks for the family for some very reasonable prices. I would definitely consider taking the children away for a short holiday and letting someone else take the strain. No cooking and no cleaning sounds like a wonderful start to the year!

Celebrate New Years Eve Australia Style

When you have small kids you have two problems with staying up until the chimes of midnight. Firstly your children might not last the distance and secondly you might not either! A great solution is to celebrate New Year early. Australia celebrates in the early afternoon UK time so why not have a party then at your house. You can watch the fireworks on TV and give the kids some non-alcoholic fizzy drinks in champagne glasses to make them feel really special. And you all get to bed at a decent time!

Make A New Year's Eve Time Capsule

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it would be a fun activity to do with the children. All you need is a waterproof jar or tin. You can put all your wishes and hopes into it for the new year. You can also write down your resolutions and put in some photos of how you look and maybe some things that you like. Bury it in the garden and you can have fun digging it up next New Year's Eve - and seeing if you really did stick to those resolutions.

Have A Traditional Games Party

I always think it's a bit sad when children spend so much time on the internet and computer so go back in time on New Years Eve and get out all the games that you loved from your childhood. Twister is always great fun as are Pictionary and Monopoly. If you are strapped for cash you can play games such as charades or Mornington Cresent - the kids will love it.

Go For A Winter Picnic

This is a lovely way to spend the day on New Year's Eve and a great opportunity to get some fresh air and exercise. Wrap up warm and head off to a local nature spot near you. Take along hot soup in a Thermos flask and some crusty bread and enjoy the beauty of Winter as you look forward to the new year ahead.

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