Monday, 23 September 2013

How To Make Wooden Spoon Puppets

I'm always looking for fun craft activities to do with the children after school and if they are simple and thrifty too then that's even better!

So, I was very please to be sent a wooden spoon puppet making kit but they lovely folk at Bear Nibbles to celebrate the launch of their new cereals range (which the kids think is very yummy too).

I thought this was a great creative activity. All you need is some wooden spoons which you can buy cheaply from most supermarkets, some paint suitable for the colour of the characters you are going to make, some googly eyes and any scraps of material/coloured paper/wool that you may have lying around.

Then decide on the characters for your puppet show. We were making bears but you could do anything really. Some of the other ideas the children came up with were little green aliens, Rapunzel, the three little pigs and Father Christmas but of course you can let your imagination fly and choose whatever you like...

To begin you need to paint your spoons. We painted ours brown as we decided we would have brown bears. Whilst the paint is drying use the time to cut out the material that you need. We made brown felt ears for our little puppets.

Then once the paint is dry you can use glue to stick on the eyes and ears and draw on the mouth and any other features. Then add on some material to the stick of the spoon for clothes. Let the glue dry and your puppet show is ready to begin. If you are feeling extra creative you could even have a go at making a home-made puppet theatre too

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