Thursday, 29 August 2013

Products That Connect You and Your Children

These days, parents all over the world are frequently finding that technology and various new products are distancing them from their children. We all know the popular image of a teenage child wearing headphones and browsing a smartphone in the family vehicle - but the truth is, it begins at younger ages than the teenage years! In recent years, even young children are becoming enamoured of new technologies. But here's an idea for parents: instead of forbidding or placing limits on technology, focus on products that can bring you and your children together. Here are 5 examples of such products.

1. An E-Reader Or Tablet

Smart tablets are all the rage these days, and while they're truly spectacular for both utility and entertainment, there's one function they serve that can be particularly great for you and your young kids: they're electronic readers. Many parents deeply enjoy reading with their children, so a simpler tablet or an exclusive e-Reader like a Nook or Kindle can be an ideal tech product to use with your child. It will make him or her feel involved with a hot tech item, and will give you time reading together.

2. Video Streaming Services

Most parents don't want their children watching too much tv, or too many films. But subscribing to a diverse streaming service, like Netflix, is a great way to ensure quality time. Why? Because access to so many films and shows at once makes it more likely that you can find something the whole family will enjoy together.

3. A USB Turntable

This is a bit less mainstream, but if you're a parent who likes to share your own music with your child (who doesn't love making them listen to the Beatles?), consider a USB Turntable to make that music "cool." These devices play vinyl records, but convert their music into digital files that fit with modern devices, bridging the gap between old and new. Take a look at a few nice options here.

4. Family Gaming Console

Gaming can easily become too big a distraction for children, but modern consoles are simply made for group activity, and that can be enjoyed as a family! In particular, the Nintendo Wii U encourages family play with a wide selection of cartoonish, child oriented games. Click here for a look at the console.

5. Massage Chairs

Strange suggestion? Perhaps, but also a strategic one! Many kids prefer to spend time in their rooms, away from their parents at night, and this can strain families. But if you pack a family living space with massage chairs (or other fun amenities), kids will want to spend their time there! Another tip: make sure the best TV in the house is in the family room.

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