Thursday, 22 August 2013

New Baby Essentials From The NCT

When I became pregnant with my daughter one of the first things on my "to do" list was to join the NCT! The National Childbirth Trust is an organisation that helps and supports women throughout their pregnancy and beyond with antenatal classes, new baby groups and some fantastic nearly new sales.

I remember the excitement of walking in to my first antenatal class with my finally all seemed real and it was great to get the advice of an experienced teacher and the support and laughter of the friends that I made too. Even though I ended up having a c-section I still found the classes really useful as we had done a role play of what it would be like to have a c-section and how many people would be there. I found that this helped me to stay really calm when it actually happened as I had been prepared for it!

In the early days of new motherhood the NCT also saved my sanity as going to the coffee mornings and meeting up with other new mums was a fantastic way to get out of the house, share tips and advice and eat lots of delicious cake!

Of course the NCT is a charity and so I have always liked to support them by buying baby goods from their online NCT shop. They have a fantastic range of items and you know that when you buy from them you are also helping a really worthwhile cause. Here are my top three new baby essentials from their store...

1. Widgey Nursing Pillow. This is great for helping to get you and your baby comfortable for breastfeeding and is also fantastic to protect a c-section scar. What I also like about this product is that you can use it as a support cushion for your baby when they are learning to sit up too so it is great value for money.

2. Anglecare Movement and Sound Monitor. This was the only reason I got any sleep when my daughter and son were little. I am a real worrier and it was really reassuring to know that this as well as being able to listen out for any cries this monitor will also sound an alarm if there are any changes to your babies breathing.

3. Sophie The Giraffe Comforter. This cute teething toy was fantastic in helping my children when they had painful new teeth. She also squeaks which provided a lot of amusement for the kids too!

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