Thursday, 22 August 2013

Going Organic...

Living a healthy outdoors lifestyle

Recently I have been making a few changes to mine and my families lifestyle. Both my husband and I have been on diets and have lost a stone and a half each. I have also tried to make sure that we are all eating healthier and that we have taken advantage of the nice weather in the holidays and got out and about in the fresh air as much as possible!

I have also decided that we are going to try to go organic. The reason behind this was that since about two years ago I have suffered from some really bad chest infections and had a really bad cough. The doctors diagnosed asthma and I have an inhaler but it really didn't seem to do much. Anyway I did some research and apparently organic full fat milk is really good for people who suffer from chest infections so I thought I would try it. Now obviously I don't know if it is just the placebo effect but since starting to drink the organic milk I have felt a lot better! I've been looking at the amount of additives in the food we eat and it is really quite shocking so I'm now buying organic food too.

I've also been investigating what other organic product you can buy and I've decided to try using some organic bubble baths and shampoos for the children. They both have very sensitive skin and had ecxema as young babies and so I wanted something really gentle. These products from Little Green Sheep are all paraben free and handmade in the UK. I love the idea of using natural sponges instead of man-made fibres too.

I am also thinking about getting some organic mattresses for the children's beds as these chemical free and ideal for children with allergies.

I think that going organic is really going to be of benefit to the whole family and I'll keep you updated as to how it is going!

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