Thursday, 29 August 2013

Family Cycling Trips

As the kids summer holidays draw to a close, make the most of their last few days of freedom and take the family on a cycling day out. It is not often that we have such glorious sunny weather so go outdoors and get active! Here are some top tips to make sure that your family day out is great…

Safety first
We all know how clumsy our little ones can be at times, so don’t let them come to any harm by investing in protective cycling clothing for both them and you.
Everyone should wear a helmet as they will protect your head if you should fall off your bike. Bike Radar have provided a great helmet buying guide that will help you choose the right helmet for you and make sure that it fits properly.

If you are planning to ride in the evening, high visibility clothes with reflective panels is a must- have to make sure your family remain safe and seen.

You may want to purchase knee and elbow pads, as well as biking gloves, to avoid cuts and grazes from spoiling your family day out. A great range of all of these bike accessories can be found at Koo Bikes.

Pack a picnic
A day spent cycling is certainly tiresome work, so take a break and refuel your family with a spot of lunch. If you are looking for family fun on a budget, packing a picnic is the best option, and is great for fussy eaters. A sugary treat will give everyone the energy they need to keep cycling too.

There are many beauty spots in Hertfordshire that would be perfect for a picnic, one of which is the River Lee Park Farms.

It is best to pick a route that is a suitable length and difficulty for all the family. By making the trip overly challenging, it will become more of a task and all enjoyment will be lost.

Choose a picturesque route and enjoy taking in the sights as you ride. A route where you can see local wildlife and animals will keep little minds entertained.

A number of websites offer cycling route planners which are worth a visit before heading out.

By following these handy tips, you are sure to have a family day out to remember.

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