Sunday, 2 June 2013

Room For Improvement?

I love working from home. It's great to be able to take the children to school in the mornings and pick them up afterwards, it's peaceful and I can still get a bit of housework done too!

However there is a down-side which is trying to find a quiet and appealing corner to work in that hasn't been taken over the the children or the general mess that seems to form everywhere and anywhere in my house. That's why I was really excited to hear about the Room For Improvement challenge by Money Supermarket. They kindly gave me £50 to see how far it would go in doing up my home. I decided that I would use it on transforming my desk and office area which usually doubles up as a dressing table too.

The Before...

As you can see my desk is a rather cluttered an uninspiring place with a big mirror that gets in the way. There also appears to be everything from pens to baby wipes and a large pile of dinosaur books left there by my daughter. Now, I need space and inspiration to do my work so at the moment the desk is just not cutting it...

The After...

Now my desk looks clean and uncluttered! It's a lovely fresh workspace where I can feel inspired and motivated ( I hope!). 

I began by painting the wall a relaxing coffee colour called Soft Stone which was £19.99 from Dulux. I left the rest of the room cream and did this as a feature wall so I only needed one 2.5l tin of paint.

I desperately needed somewhere to put all my paperwork and so I brought a storage file for £3.99 and a pretty basket to be my inbox which was £5.99. These were both from Sainsburys which has some very inexpensive home goods. Whilst I was there I saw a modern chunky white photoframe from £3.99 and I have put my favourite photo of my children walking through a field of lavender in it!

I also really wanted a nice pinboard to put inspiring postcards and important information up on. Unfortunately I couldn't get a nice one in the shops as they were all a bit boring so I had a search on the internet and found one at for £18.

So my pretty and functional office area was finished. It looks so fresh and I am sat here now writing this post!

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