Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Lads That Lunch!

Lads that lunch: tips for dads when meeting up

There is a strong emphasis on the role of the woman or mum in a child's upbringing, with many people forgetting that the dad often does a lot of work too. I think it's all too easy to forget the role that dads, especially stay-at-home dads play in their kids lives.

That said, dads need support. Some will have a strong family networks, others will have a fantastic group of friends behind them – but there are those that don't have either. There are several 'father support' groups out there but many have a very 'mumsy' style to them.

If you want to meet up with other local dads but don't fancy going to a church for tea and biscuits, why not start your own? ‘Lads that lunch’ has a good ring to it if you ask me. If mums can go out for lunch their girlfriends, why can't the blokes?

So, here are some top tips for dads when meeting up with man-friends.

Post your group on the internet

Just about everyone has the internet at home these days and it's most people's first port of call when they're looking for something. By putting up a bit of information about your dad's group on a classifieds website or Facebook, you can start getting some other guys to come along.

Eating out

Men like food, so meeting up at a local café or restaurant seems to be a sensible option. Either pick a place yourself or get the guys to vote on where they want to dine out. If the choice ends up being down to you, it's probably best to choose somewhere with a diverse menu so there's no cat-fights over lunch.

Cooking at home

This isn't quite as popular with dads for some reason but it can be the ideal place to lunch. Either choose your place every week or take it in turns to be the host. If I could give you one tip if you're lunching at home, it would be to cook a steak.

Not that you're trying to impress your new man-friends but it's a start isn't it? While you're still on that train of thought, it's worth ensuring your place looks half-decent before inviting anyone round, even if it is only to watch the game. From your armchair to the kitchen accessories, make sure you have everything you need and invest in quality products which are sure to impress.

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