Saturday, 4 May 2013

Dinosaur Rice Krispie Cakes

As most people who know my daughter are aware she is a massive dinosaur fan. So far this year most things we have done with her have had to be dinosaur related. We've been to see the live Walking With Dinosaurs show (which was amazing), we had a great trip to the Natural History Museum and - after having a browse on Pinterest - I found this lovely dinosaur rice krispie cake recipe on a blog called mammamiss.

It's great fun to make (if a bit sticky) and I think the result is really effective. Of course you don't have to make dinosaurs. You could get creative with any sort of cookie cutter shape that you have!


1 10oz bag of white marshmallows

3 tbsps butter
6 cups of rice crispies
spray oil
green food dye

To begin mix the marshmallows and butter in a saucepan over a low heat until they are all melted together.

Then add green food dye until the mixture is a dinosaur green colour

Mix in the rice crispies until they are totally covered in the mixture

Then take a baking tray and a spatula and spritz them with the spray oil. This is a really necessary step as the oil stops the mixture from sticking. I tried it without and it was virtually impossible to remove the mixture!

Press the mixture down on the oiled baking tray until relatively flat and leave to cool in the fridge for around 30 minutes.

The use your cookie cutter to cut out your dino shapes.

The children loved the results and they were really tasty!

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