Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Organic Cothes For Kids

Although I usually try to budget on most of the things that I buy I really don't like to cut corners on my food shopping. Over the past few years, especially since having the children, I have become more aware of the importance of quality in what we eat. The whole 'horsemeat' scandal really brought it home and I felt pleased that as much as possible I had tried to buy organic meat and veg.

It was interesting to see the shift that more people are making towards the use organic clothes  for their children, to protect them from the harmful chemicals and toxins founds in most garments. My son has extremely sensitive skin and can easily come out in reaction to some of the harmful chemicals that are used in the manufacturing of clothes and textiles. So to help this and to support the organic movement I have started to try out buying some organic kids clothing. 

Although organic clothes are slightly more expensive than normal, I have found that they have been of good quality and well worth the money. There a lot of ways to work around this though, like waiting for the end of season sale, using voucher codes or printable discounts.
It does not take a lot of time to just go onto netvouchercodes’ baby section and check their current discounts and it can end up making a wealth of savings – they’ve always got the latest offers and you can filter by what you are looking for as well (e.g. organic clothes).

So far, my son has not had any skin reactions to them and it is lovely to think that the children are wearing chemical free clothes that are also good for the environment.

I have found that they are also a great way to educate your child about their environment, and how to best look after it. We have had quite a few chats about why organic is good for both people and the planet, and I now have two budding eco-warriors on my hands!

You may think that organic kids clothing would be hard to come by, but actually, it is becoming more and more mainstream. Stores like H&M and Polarn O. Pyret have a growing organic range - although it is aimed more so at women, rather than children, but there are others yet like Organics for Kids and Frugi to keep a lookout for.

All in all I would say that shopping organic is definitely worth it - both for the children's health and that of our planet.

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