Thursday, 18 April 2013

A Room With A View

After months of research we have finally decided to get a conservatory built and the plans have now been submitted for approval by the council! I really can't wait as this will mean that we will now have a proper playroom for the children. I have already been looking on Pinterest for some design inspiration and have set up a board to pin all of my ideas on!

I wanted the room to be really child friendly and also really easy to clean so we have decided to go for a wooden floor as mud and dirt can easily be swept up and washed off - I don't think a carpet would last long!

I have also learnt my lesson with sofas after buying two very lovely fabric sofa's from Next just before my first child was born. They have now had five years of being jumped on and attacked by two small children not to mention the biscuit crumbs, juice and playdough that have been smeared into them! So for the conservatory we will be buying a lovely easy clean sofa and I have been having a look for some leather sofas. I particularly like this one from SCS as it looks comfy and practical but is also very stylish.

As the conservatory will lead out onto the garden I wanted to give it a garden room feel and I think that this paint called Cooking Apple Green - will look perfect for the wall.

I want to make it a fun room for the children so I thought I would get some wall stickers for the wall. These have the advantage of being removable as your children's interests change. I thought these cheeky monkey stickers from Custard and Crumble would add a cheerful touch to the room.

Finally I need some great storage for all the toys but that will also double up as a coffee table too. I found this on the Great Little Trading Company site and really like it!


  1. We've recently had one put all along the back of our wide terraced house and ADORE it, after years and years of wanting one/procrastinating! Be warned though, you will love it so much, it should be a family room, NOT just for your kids. We've made it kid friendly in terms of wooden floors, storage for toys, but also kept it looking stylish so its somewhere for us too. I haven't blogged about it yet, but will soon. Every house in this cloudy country should have one, it lifts the spirits on a grim winters day, and you can sit and stare at the stars at night. Make sure you put underfloor heating in and also plenty of good lighting. Enjoy!

  2. BTW I'm in Hertfordshire too!

  3. Hi Siobhan - thanks for the tips - especially about the underfloor heating that sounds like a fantastic idea. We are hoping to get our planning permission through this week then it's all systems go!