Thursday, 7 February 2013

My Spring Season Fashion Wish List!

On my way back from the school run today I've seen a few brave daffodils trying to poke their heads up through the soil and so, even though there is still a chill in the air, I guess that Spring is finally on the way!

This means lighter evenings, warmer days and of course a new wardrobe. I've been browsing Spring/Summer trends online on the New Look site . They have a great range of good value clothes and cheap shoes which is ideal for my budget. So here is my wishlist for Spring...

Gold Pumps

As a busy mum I have had to eshew heels for a rather more comfy style of shoe but I still like to look fashionabl and these gold pumps are the perfect solution. I think they would look good with either jeans or pedal pushers when the weather gets warmer.

A Smart Spring Jacket

Hopefully in a few weeks I can abandon my rather large winter coat for something a bit lighter and this Snood Jacket looks lovely. It's warm for the school run but also smart enough to wear in the evenings too.

A Versatile Dress
I love tunic style dresses as they are really versatile. In the day you can wear them over jeans or leggings and in the evening you can wear them with heels or patterned tights and smart boots. This means they are great value for money.
Pretty Accessories
Accessories are a great low cost way to ring the changes, brighten up a tired outfit or glam up for a night out! This green snake bracelet is unusual and beautiful.


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