Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Body, Beauty and Surgery!

Thinking about how I handled my weight gain after my first pregnancy, I remember considering getting liposuction done to help me get rid of the extra baby fat. But my research of medical negligence claims made me realise that the last thing I wanted to do was put myself -- and thus the future of my little one -- in danger.

So instead of researching surgery, I began to look for common-sense ways to tone up and lose weight, particularly ways that would be easy for mums. It was largely trial and error, but I wanted to share some of the most valuable things I learned with all my fellow mums. Here’s how to stay clear of clinical negligence solicitors while getting the body you want after having a baby.

To start, preparation is key. This goes for both exercise and eating right. We mums often feel too frenzied to take care of ourselves, and the best way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to set aside time once a week to plan, plan, plan! When will you fit in your exercise? What healthy meals and snacks will you have this week? If you set yourself up for success ahead of time, there will be no excuses not to follow your plan.

And speaking of exercise, don’t be fooled into thinking you have to do an intense hour-and-a-half routine every day to get in shape. Most people, especially mothers, don’t have that time to dedicate. Try to find a workout routine that works with your schedule. For example, I’ve found that exercise DVDs are a better investment than a gym membership because I can do them at home whenever I have the time. Just half an hour a day is enough to keep me on track with slimming down, and it gives me the motivation I need to continue to eat healthfully.

Sometimes, achieving the beautiful body you want is about saying yes to indulgences and saying ‘no’ to dieting. One of the major reasons that some mums find it so hard to slim down--especially after giving birth--is because they try to adhere to a too-strict diet. In fact, the concept of a diet shouldn’t factor into your new body plan at all. It’s okay to have french fries or a candy bar once a week if you’re filling yourself with nutrient-rich produces and whole grains on a regular basis. In fact, having just a little of what you’re craving is often the best way to avoid binge-eating or the temptation to give up.

Lastly, remember to embrace what you have. Don’t be afraid to look at yourself in the mirror, no matter what shape or size you are, and give yourself props for being so awesome. The best part of getting in shape is the journey that you’ll take to get there; it inspires confidence, self-love and passion for your family. And these are benefits that no surgery can give you.

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