Thursday, 3 January 2013

Plans For The Half Term Break

We haven't had a holiday for ages and over Christmas we have realised that we really need one - so we have decide to look into breaks away over the February half term. However when you have a husband who is self employed it can be very hard to find a time that is convenient for him to take time off. Unfortunately work seems to follow us everywhere we go. Once we were even surprised on our honeymoon by a work call going off from a mobile phone locked up in the hotel room safe!

But this year I have a cunning plan. My husband works in Derby and Derbyshire is renowned for some beautiful countryside, scenic views and quaint villages. I had a look at the Derbyshire tourist site and it looks like there are some great places to visit and some fun attractions for children too. There is the imposing Chatsworth House - home to the infamous Duchess of Devonshire and the pretty village of Bakewell the ancient capital of the Peak District that also gives its name to the rather delicious Bakewell Tart! So I thought the perfect solution would be to book a cottage where we could holiday but my husband would also be near enough to work that he could go in if there was an emergency, or he could go in one day during the week to check everything was running smoothly.

Chatsworth House

I do like a bit of luxury when I'm on holiday and after a bit of internet searching for the perfect cottage I discovered that have a great selection of luxury cottages online. It looks as though there are a wide selection of picturesque locations and here are some of the cottages available over half term. They all look really lovely and many of them are in convenient central locations too.

I'm hoping that this will be the ideal solution for our family as we get to spend time together but my husband doesn't have to be away from work for too long!

Do you find it hard to get away on holiday? Is work always calling you when you try to have a break - what are your solutions?

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