Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Low Cost Holidays With Kids: The Rules!


Holidaying with children can bring with it a whole host of issues that you might not have considered but following these simple rules will help you have a fun holiday you’ll remember for all the right reasons.

Rule 1: be prepared

Taking a small child abroad can bring a whole load of potential problems. Many hot countries require a set of vaccinations against various illnesses such as malaria which a small child might find traumatic. There is also the actual travelling as well. Spending several hours with an upset child in a car is unpleasant but spending several hours on a flight surrounded by strangers is a far worse experience to endure.

To overcome these issues, be prepared. Make all of these arrangements well in advance and talk to your child about what will happen. Often the fear of something is greater than the reality and this fear is bred from uncertainty. Talking through worries with your child early on will help them get excited about their trip rather than adding unnecessary worry.

Rule 2: stay small

If you’re still worried, why not stick with a home-grown approach to holidays? Holidaying in the UK is a good idea for many reasons. Travelling to and from your destination will be considerably less stressful and much cheaper too. If your child becomes ill you know that you still have access to the National Health Service and hospitals that speak your mother tongue. Should you need to you can get home relatively easily without much fuss too.

Rule 3: be adventurous

 Just because you’re staying on home soil doesn’t mean your holiday has to be boring. Camping holidays can be a fun and inexpensive way to holiday but the erratic British weather might get the better of you regardless of the time of the year in which you holiday.

 Campervans or motorhomes are a flexible way of having the convenience of camping with the comfort of self-catering facilities on board. Campervan insurance should be arranged and researched beforehand to ensure everything is protected but this is a great way to get outdoors on a real family adventure.

Rule 4: stay calm

 Going anywhere with small children has the potential to be stressful. The trick is to foresee what might trigger that and take steps to minimise the risk. Ensuring that you have everything you need to hand will certainly minimise your stress and make the trip more enjoyable for your kids too.

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