Saturday, 12 January 2013

Fingerprint Snowdrop Paintings

As it was meant to snow today we didn't go out so I thought we would brave getting messy and do a bit of painting. This children always enjoy this although I always balk a bit at the fact that they seem to get the paint everywhere!

Anyway I wanted to do some pictures that would make us think of spring and I thought that we could use our fingers to paint some snowdrop flowers. The first bulb of the year to appear above ground they are very pretty and I thought that we could use them to make our long overdue Christmas thank you cards too.

As snowdrops are white you need white and green paint and some coloured card so that the white shows up.

Just draw the flower stems on the card in green and then get your child to dip their finger into the white paint. Press down three times for each flower so that the fingerprints overlap like the petals do.

The results were very pretty and also very personal - a fun spring craft and a reminder of how tiny your children's fingers are.

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