Sunday, 13 January 2013

Detox Spa Breaks

If you are anything like me one of your New Years Resolutions would have been to get fit in 2013! As you might know if you are a regular reader I managed to loose 10lb at the end of last year and I felt fantastic for having achieved that. However I did pig out a bit over the Christmas holidays and I have not yet dared to get on the scales to see how much I have put on.

But this week it's back to the grindstone of dieting again for me. I have stocked the fridge with lots of healthy yogurts and fruit but somehow it just doesn't seem as appealing as my festive Baileys and mince pie that I had every night over Christmas - I miss my treats.

It's hard dieting and I do need an incentive to work towards so when I've lost a stone I might treat myself to a spa day to make it all worth while. I love relaxing at the spa and as a busy mum it's a real luxury not to be on call for mummy duties for a day or two.

There are some great spa breaks around in some beautiful locations so why not treat yourself? It's the ideal way to reward yourself for your hard work or to kick start a dieting resolution.

Check out this great infographic about some great detox spa breaks from

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