Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Holiday To Disneyland?

My children have recently become obsessed with a mouse. Not just any mouse though, no the most famous mouse of all - Mickey. They love watching the Mickey Mouse Club House on youtube and we recently brought them this dvd from amazon ,which has helped us happily while away some time on the couple of days that school has been closed this week.

So we have begun to think about taking them to Disneyland next year when they will be 5 and 3. These seem like great ages to me as they are old enough to cope on a flight but young enough to still be awed by the wonder of it all. Mine and my daughters favourite character is the feisty Belle in Beauty and the Beast and I can just imagine how impressed she would be to meet her in real life. My son on the other hand is a Cars fanatic and for some reason has chosen Mater as his role model (he claims he is going to marry him). I'm sure he would be over the moon to try out any Cars themed rides.

There is a Disneyland in Paris which is a relatively short journey across the channel on the Eurostar. However I have heard mixed reviews about it and people who have been to both say that the Florida one is much better. I admit that it hasn't taken much to convince me about the wisdom of jetting off to the lovely Florida sunshine  - especially with all this cold and snowy weather!

Obviously Disneyland is not a cheap option and I believe that if you are going to go for a great experience it's worth investigating the options properly and getting the best for your money. I've been browsing holidays to Disney World Florida at and there are some fantastic packages and discounts to make sure that you get the holiday of your dreams.

We won't tell the children until it is all booked and finalised, but I know that me and my husband are both really looking forward to seeing their eyes light up when we tell them that they are off to see their cartoon heroes in real life!

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