Thursday, 20 December 2012

Why I Think The Mayans Got It Right!

There has been much talk throughout 2012 about the Mayan prophesy that the world will end tomorrow. To be honest I hadn't thought much about it other than a vague sense of annoyance that if it did happen it would put rather a dampener on the Christmas festivities. In fact I didn't really believe the prediction at all. After all the Mayans enjoyed the odd bit of human sacrifice so were they really to be trusted with predicting the end of time?

Then a couple incidents happened that got me thinking...


One distaster that is meant to foretell the end of days is fire and on Tuesday I managed to set fire to my jacket potato. As my readers know I love cooking so I am still quite bemused as to how it all went wrong. I put my spud into the microwave and went into the other room to call my husband. Whilst chatting I heard the fire alarm go off and rushed back into the kitchen to find my jacket potato flaming away inside the oven! Luckily the flames went out as soon as I turned it off but I was left with a charred husk, a broken microwave and a feeling of deep foreboding.

Natural Disaster!

As if the broken microwave wasn't enough a natural disaster befell us today. I was minding my own business playing cars with my little boy when I heard a loud thud. Usually the cause of any mayhem in my house is my son - but he was sitting there in front of me innocently pretending to be a caravan. I looked out of the window and saw that bizarrely a large tree in our front garden had fallen down. I honestly don't know how this happened as there was no storm or wind - it just toppled over on it's own!

So now I am convinced that doom is upon us and I am going to bed early with a glass of Baileys. Wake me up when it's all over!

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  1. That made me smile. I'm wondering whether to bother spending the next few hours wrapping presents if the world is going to end tomorrow anyway.