Saturday, 29 December 2012

Make A New Years Eve Time Capsule

I was looking at my children today contemplating the new year and realising how much they had grown over the past one. This time last year my little girl was still an innocent she is a very grown up school girl who knows all there is to know. This time last year my son could hardly he rarely stops chatting and has an opinion on everything!

I thought it might be quite good fun for the children to make a time capsule that we would bury in the garden on New Years Eve. We could then dig it up at the end of 2013 and compare how things have changed.

It's an easy activity to do you just need an old tin (usually plenty of empty biscuit tins around in our house after Christmas) and some card and felt tips. You can include anything you like but I thought that we would do the following

Vital Statistics: We would put in height, weight and age. The children are hoping their height goes up. Mummy and Daddy are hoping their weight goes down!

Favourites: What are our favourite toys, colours, programmes and interests - will they still be the same next year?

Hopes and dreams for 2013: We will each put in a hope for the new year. Knowing my daughter her one could be anything from learning to read to discovering a new planet. My son's new year ambition is merely "cars" which I assume means that he wants to own as many small plastic cars as is humanly possible.

What we are going to change: I rather hopefully thought that I might get the children to write one bad habit to put in the time capsule with the aim of getting rid of that habit over the next year although I am not sure how much success we will have with that one.

Once you have written out the above put all the card in the tin. You could also add in some photos or mementos of the past year. Then bury it in the garden on New Years Eve to be dug up on New Years Eve next year - just don't forget where you put it!

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