Sunday, 9 December 2012

How To Make A Golden Key For Santa

My daughter got her letter from Father Christmas today. She was really excited to get a letter from the man himself - but there was one area of concern. Santa had told her he was coming down the chimney, but as we don't have a chimney she was really worried about how he was going to get in and deliver the presents. This was actually my fault as I had ticked the wrong box when I ordered her letter. I was meant to have got the paragraph for someone who didn't have a chimney but being pretty computer illiterate I had messed up!

Damage limitation was needed and luckily I remembered that I had some gold coloured oven bake clay in the craft cupboard so we decided to make a golden key for Father Christmas. We would hang this outside the front door on Christmas Eve and he would be able to use it to get in.

We began by rolling out the clay (I use the Sculpy brand which you can get from amazon) and using a sharp knife I cut out a key shape. The children then used a chopstick to make a hole in the top so that we would be able to thread some ribbon through it. We then baked the keys in the oven for about 10 minutes until hard.

When the keys had cooled down we added some magic sparkles - otherwise known as glitter glue and threaded some shiny red ribbon through the hole.

However my ever observant my daughter then pointed out to me that they key was a different size to my door key and asked if it would actually work. So, we decided to say a magic spell over the key to make sure it fitted.

"magic key of gold so bright
 let Santa in on Christmas Eve night
 make sure you open my front door
 so my stocking gets filled with presents galore!"
The keys look very pretty and we hung them on the Christmas tree as decorations whilst they wait for Christmas Eve.

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