Saturday, 22 December 2012

How To Make A Festive Welcome Bowl

At Christmas time there always seems to be lots of visitors in and out of the house - so today me and the children decided to make a welcome bowl to put in the hall. This cheery display greets visitors when they arrive and also means that guests always have a little gift to take away with them even if they are unexpected! It also looks really lovely as a centrepiece on a hall or kitchen table.

We had collected lots of pinecones when we went to Centre Parks and needed a way to put them to use! We covered them in glue and sprinkled them with glitter and then let them dry. I wanted a combination of treats and something a bit healthy to offer people so we brought some beautiful orange clementines with the leaves on. We also got some Quality Street to sprinkle in as the shiny wrappers add a bit of sparkle to the display.

We arranged the pinecones, clementines and sweets in a glass bowl and put them in the hall. You could also use chocolate coins, little toys or even mini trivia cards to liven up the display.

The children love what we have made and it has gone down very well with visitors too (although the clementines have been much slower to go than the sweets!)

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