Monday, 3 December 2012

Homemade Christmas Cards With Merry Stickmas Card Kits

Now the children are a bit older I always have great plans to make homemade cards to send out to friends and relatives as I think people really appreciate the fact that some thought and effort have gone in to making them. However I was a bit worried this year as my daughter is really not that that keen on drawing and colouring in and my son tends to make rather a lot of mess when doing anything artistic. So I admit I was slightly dreading trying to get them to sit down and actually do some art work!

Luckily I was sent the ideal solution to my problem with a Merry Stickmas card kit. These great kits contain 12 cards and envelopes and a selection of stick on pictures that you can either do on their own or you can mix and match the designs. Both my daughter who is 4 and my son who is 2 loved doing the sticker sets. They were simple to do and the designs were easy to put together and looked very festive too. It allowed the children to use their imaginations and get creative but didn't involve any mess which was fantastic for me.

You can also customise your sticker kits and we decided that it wouldn't be Christmas without a bit of glitter so we added a some sparkle as a finishing touch. The cards look lovely and were very easy to make. They also really engaged the children who were extremely proud of their creations (my daughter has already decided who is getting each card!).

You can buy the Merry Stickmas kits for a very reasonable £6 (inc p&p) from

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