Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Festive Jam Jar Lanterns

I first had a go at making these for Halloween and they were a real success so I thought I would have a go at a Christmas themed jam jar lantern for the holidays. I was originally going to try a snowman or Father Christmas but as I have young children I thought that it might be a bit difficult for them. Instead I decided to go for a stained glass window theme as this looks very pretty and is really easy for young children to do.

You will need:
clean jam jars
pva glue
multi-coloured pieces of tissue paper cut out into triangular shapes

We started by trying to put glue on the shapes but found this was a bit fiddly so instead we covered the jam jar with glue.

We then stuck on the shapes so that the pieces covered the jam jar and left them to dry.

Once the jam jars lanterns were dry we put a tea-light in to turn them into pretty multicoloured lanterns which looked lovely on the mantelpiece. If your children are older you could try more complicated designs such as holly and berries, snowmen and stars - the possiblities are endless!

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