Sunday, 16 December 2012

Cruising Along

I've never been on a cruise but it is something that I have always fancied doing. There's something really evocative about going to sleep in one country and waking up in another. I love travelling and being able to experience the sights, sounds and cultures of a number of different places in one holiday would be truly amazing.

Although it's a long way off my husband and I have always planned to do a round the world cruise when the children finally go off to university. Sometimes I just like to browse the Internet and have a daydream about the places we will see. When I look at some of the round the world cruises on I can find myself imagining my amazement at seeing Sydney Harbour Bridge or the excitement of coming into port at a beautiful city like Dubrovnik (before I am brought back to reality with a bump by a crying child demanding a "snack - now!").

If you do get seasick though and don't fancy ann ocean cruise my parents recently went on a river cruise. These are great as you are never far from land and you don't get the waves and stormy weather that could make you feel really poorly. I have always wanted to go to Egypt and I think that cruising down the Nile would be a wonderful way to see the country. My parents travelled along the Duoro River with Saga and really enjoyed it.

But I will have to leave my dreaming to another day as there are presents to be wrapped, cakes to be made and school runs to be endured but one day I will be sunning myself on that luxury liner!

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