Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Creating A Learning Space For Children

Now that the children are getting a bit older and enjoy playing together a bit more (instead of just fighting over the same toy) I am planning to make a little play area for them in part of our living room. I want this area to be somewhere for them to play but I also want it to encourage learning and creativity  -  without them even realising it! I've set myself a small budget as I don't want to spend too much so here are some of my ideas on how you can make a low cost play and learning zone for your children for under £100.

I love this alphabet rug from It is so bright and cheerful and, as well as providing them with a soft area to sit on to read, it also encourages them to learn their letters. You could also play some great games on this - getting them to run and stand on a letter that you call out or throwing a beanbag and naming a word that begins with the letter that it lands on.
I have been wanting to get the children an easel for a while now. They love drawing and painting and this double sided easel from means that they can both do drawing at the same time. There is also a whiteboard side and a chalk board side so they can get creative whenever they want.


I also love this number frieze from ELC which is really cheap at £3.20 but will cheer up a drab corner and encourage your children to recognize numbers. You could also use it to play counting games and practice some sums.

Finally I want to get some proper book shelves as currently we have books lying around everywhere or piled up so that we end up just reading the same ones again and again and again. So to get organised and save my sanity I love these cute children's bookshelves from They are really engaging and should help encourage a love of reading (and of tidying up!).

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