Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas Presents For The Man Who Wants Nothing!

Yesterday I asked my husband what he wanted for Christmas. The answer was very sweet. He said he wanted only to spend a happy Christmas week with me and the children. This was lovely but of course if there were actually no presents under the tree I think he might be left feeling a bit miffed. So what do you get the man who wants nothing (and doesn't really need much either). Here is my Christmas shopping list for my husband:

1. A thermos flask. We have long debated getting a thermos flask. It might be a simple thing but it just seems like when you buy one you have become your grandparents. You are now on the downward slope to false teeth, Simon Cowell trousers and The Antiques Roadshow. However there have been many times when my husband (a good Yorkshireman who loves a cup of tea) has lamented not being able to get a hot drink and I also think it might be a bit of a money saver as well. So I will be buying him this rather snazzy retro thermos from John Lewis.

2. A pizza stone. Yes I know, you are asking yourself how have we coped for so long without one because of course life without a pizza stone is not living, it is merely existing! I always see this in the Lakeland catalogue and it does look good. My husband loves pizza and the thought of being able to make one that is perfectly crisp is quite exciting (no, really it is!). I also have secretly hankered after one as you can use it for bread and biscuits too so we will both be happy on Christmas Day!

3. A cycle rucksack. My husband is a keen cycler and often goes for a bike ride in the evening after work. I had a look on as they have a great range of gear for outdoor sports and found these fantastic lightweight rucksacks- just right for keeping a drink, snack and your phone in when you go out on a ride.

So I think along with a nice red wine and maybe some chocolates this should be enough for the man who wants nothing!

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