Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Few Of My Favourite Things

I can't belive that there are only five days left until Christmas and I'm actually feeling organised. My cake is made, the children's presents are wrapped and the mince pies are ready and waiting to be eaten.

This means that I can now turn my thoughts to the ever so important 'P' word. No, it's not peace for all mankind (although that would be nice) it's actually presents! I know that Christmas is about so much more than material things, but as I never really seem to treat myself to anything nowadays it's my one chance each year to get spoilt. I also know that my husband does occasionally read my blog so just maybe he will read this post and be inspired.

So here are my top 3 favourite things - gratefully received at at Christmas (or any time of the year!)

1. Emma Bridgewater Pottery

Ever since I chose an Emma Bridgewater dinner service for my wedding list eight years ago I have been absolutely obsessed with her pottery. I love the simple distinctive patterns and chunky reassuring mugs. I am also convinced that a cup of tea tastes much better when drunk from one of her designs. Even my 4 year old is a keen collector and has her own plate and cup. It was a proud moment when she could recognise and name most of the ranges!

Since receiving a beautiful Halloween mug from my friend Emily I decided that I would love a mug for each seasonal celebration. This lovely leaping reindeer mug is definitely on top of my Christmas list.

2. Fresh Flowers

I don't think anything beats the thrill of getting a beautiful bunch of flowers delivered to the door. That moment when the doorbell goes and you open it to be met with a huge bouquet means that flowers will always be a winner with me. If you use a company like Interflora they are really quick and easy to order online. In fact now that Interflora have an online app there is really no excuse for my husband not to make a purchase!


3. Cookery Books

Cooking (and eating) is a passion of mine and I'm always searching out new recipes and meal ideas. My personal favourite is Delia Smith. She is my Dad's favourite cook and I have very happy memories of me and Dad watching her show together - you just can't seem to go wrong with a Delia recipe and her books are always easy to follow. However, I have also recently got really into Nigel Slater after watching his television series. I'm trying hard to reduce food waste at the moment, and I love the sound of his "Kitchen Diaries" books where he shows how you can whip up amazing meals from the leftovers that you often dismiss and end up throwing away. I'm hoping to get this book for Christmas too.

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