Thursday, 22 November 2012

The First Day Of My Diet

Well this is the week that I have started my diet. Ok, so I'm going to admit that at the beginning of the week I was given a bit of a 'helping hand' as the whole family were struck down with a sickness bug. It wasn't fun or glamorous but it did mean that I didn't eat for about 24 hours and my appetite is not great.

I'm looking at the silver lining though which meant that it was a bit easier to start my diet as I've not been feeling that hungry anyway so haven't had any cravings for chocolate, cream buns or generally lardy food. I've been lucky enough to have been given a 2 week trial on the Jenny Craig diet where all the food is sent to your door so it's been wonderful not having to worry about planning or preparing anything.

I started at lunchtime yesterday with a nice potato,garlic and rosemary meal and this morning I had some chocolate covered bran flakes and fruit. Seeing the portion sizes really made me realise that part of my problem is that I eat very large portions of food!

I have also made the decision to try to cut down on caffeine too as I am sure that drinking large amounts of coffee is really not good for me and means that I probably don't sleep as well as I should. So as I write this I am drinking a cup of green tea and lemon which is actually quite nice. I'm not going to give up coffee's when I go out but I am going to make sure that I don't drink it at home.

I am really determined to do it this time and want to start 2012 a stone lighter...


  1. Good luck! It's really hard at this time of year, when exercise has little attraction, and staying indoors and eating warming stodgy foods is very appealing!!

    1. Thanks - I always crave comfort food in the winter, its so hard to be healthy but planning lots of winter walks around the park to try and burn off a few calories!